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VCA certificate


Coeus Europe was able to pass the initial VCA* audit and obtain the VCA* certificate. But what does this really mean for you as a Client ?

Well, in fact there's more than what meets the eye. It is obviously a certificate that indicates that we maintain certain safety rules as a contractor for HSE management. But there's more. A bit more hidden is the fact that we need to adhere to a Client oriented policy where management of complains on safety are placed first. So in a certain way it is also an indication that Coeus Europe provides a quality and safety solution. Next to that it is a proof that Coeus Europe manages their safety statistics well. In case these safety numbers do not evolve in the right manner, Coeus Europe would loose this VCA certificate.

Easy to understand that the main aim for Coeus Europe is the will to provide a healthy and safe environment. This certificate is for us the outcome of what is already intrinsically present within Coeus Europe. Safety is within our nature as a company.

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