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Example 1

This is an example that gives you an idea on how 'talking head' videos look like. The video comments on the implementation of a Last Minute Risk Analysis. There's a package available of several items that are composed in a similar manner. Next to this, there's a possibility to personalise these videos such as adding your company logo or video shots taken on your location. Even complete videos shot on your premises and made according to your guidelines.

Example 2

Another example to give you an idea on how videos look like. Here's an example on the sanctions that are applied when there's a breach in local legislation

Why use training videos?

Safety videos are a great way to spread the message about safety on the work place and are proven to help save lives. Safety videos are incredibly cost-effective, enabling safety services to reinforce their message and allowing for mass distribution. It helps getting the right message across and this is in a clear and consistent way. Each video handles a specific safety issue and last between 3 to 4 minutes in average.

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