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HSE expert &

HSE project management

Whatever project you undertake, Health, Security and Environment will always be key determiners to its success. The importance of hiring skilled professionals can hardly be overestimated, which is why you may want to surround yourself with a professional partner like Coeus Europe.


HAZOP & machine safety certification

The HAZOP method (Hazard and Operability Analysis) is a well-known method to identify and evaluate process deficiencies. Coeus Europe has experienced HAZOP team leaders and secretaries responsible to record the discussions of the HAZOP sessions. Before a machine or a composition of machines may be put in service within the European Union, the machine has to adhere to fundamental health and safety regulations of annexe I of the machine directive. This has to be proven by the certification procedure as foreseen by the machine directive. This means that the constructor has to set up a Technical Construction File, a declaration of conformity and a CE mark on his machine. Coeus Europe has the expert to compose these documents.


Training videos

An interesting way to improve the safety level is the use of safety videos. These are safety videos shot on site, explaining a certain safety topic. These are made in several languages such as English, French and Dutch. These videos can be made specific or shot on site

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Confined space &

fire marshals

Typically a turnaround is a period with a lot of activity within a short timespan. It is therefore also a period of elevated risk activity, that is usually carried out in small, confined spaces. For these specific situations, Coeus Europe offers teams of confined space guards supervised by a group manager. Furthermore, we also provide safety shop keepers to manage the PPE or any other equipment. It is needless to say that the Coeus Europe confined space guards are equipped and trained for every situation.

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HSE training

We can offer a whole range of safety trainings which can contain a theoretical and a practical part. Trainings can even be made specific to your needs. This can be a general safety training such as SCC(VCA) training or more specific knowledge packages for safety advisors such as HAZOP,… The Coeus Europe instructors are instructors that have a lot of field experience an experience in giving trainings. We also offer a formula where HSE trainings can be followed online. When surfing to a specific website, several videos on safety topics can be followed. These videos are very specific and mainly made on site. At the end of the course there’s a questionnaire on the content of the videos. A SCC(VCA) training could then be followed online.


For the Construction of a tunnel on the premises of GSK in Wavre, the client needed some support to ensure that there would be no accidents on his construction site. Safety was important on this construction site. Here for we have foreseen a 'safety coaching' formula with one senior safety coach and one junior safety coach to ensure the HSE supervion on site as the preparation of the HSE administration and meetings

Safety coaching
Turn around

For the turn around at the Total Petrochemical premises in Feluy we needed to find a solution applicable for the whole plant. A challenge. We've been opting for a solution with one prevention officer level 2, supported by 2 team leaders and a team of confined space guards


This organisation of belgian safety coördinators needed a couple of safety course to give to their members. Therefore we have set up some courses and a teacher.

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